The GPDR Risk

  • Corporates and large businesses have a responsibility to remove and erase data on all devices including smartphones containing personal data in line with GDPR regulations.
  • The Cube enables the forensic removal of all data from a mobile device / tablet whist on the customers premises supported by a certificate and underwritten insurance policy.
  • The penalty for a breach can be 4% of overall revenue or €20 million; whichever is higher.
Potential fine for GDPR breach
of smartphones affected by GDPR

The Solution

  • ’The Cube’ is a fully self-contained workstation which can be deployed globally
  • The software offers the ability to check all aspects of a device including:
    • Find My iPhone / Google Android Lock Status direct from the device
    • Stolen status through GSMA Device Check ensuring peace of mind
  • Tried and tested solution used by several global brands

Perfect tool to support device recycling, trade-in or leasing program


A full end to end suite of hardware and software tests to ensure a uniform QA process


Fully managed service available for on-site training and processing resource


£50,000 per device indemnity cover for data erase solution


Available for hire globally


Forensically wipe over 100 units per hour

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Full end to end visibility of products and services within minutes of activity
  • IMEI/Serial Number level breakdown
  • PDF available for individual transactions