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  • MobileReclaim offer fully-functional trials of the PiceaSoft products so you can try them yourself.
  • The trial portfolio includes the entire PiceaServices portfolio including Switch, Eraser, Diagnostics and Reporting.
  • Please complete the form below and we’ll reply with your trial license keys and downloads.
Switch enables fast and easy personal content transfer between any two mobile devices. It supports secure cloud or USB flash drive backup/restore.
Eraser enables safe disposal, reuse or resale of mobile devices by permanently erasing all sensitive user content. Up to 32 phones or tablets can be simultaneously erased.
Diagnostics provides automatic and extensive mobile device testing, including device grading with minimum human interaction. It features fully automated, user-assisted test cases, and software analysis within 2-3 minutes per device. Diagnostics helps retail stores avoid No Fault Found returns and unnecessary repair centre deliveries.
Verify checks whether devices are acceptable for resale, service or buyback by checking for active theft and device locks, inserted SIM or Memory cards and against GSMA’s Global Blacklist Registry for stolen devices.
Volume is the most advanced product on the market, designed for processing large volumes of mobile devices. With flexible integration options and APIs, Volume is the complete mobile device solution for ITAD and Repair centres.
Our web reporting tool that shows real time statistics on store and company levels as well as detailed device information. It can be used for sales monitoring, business followup, optimising preorders or planning marketing campaigns.

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